Venture off the beaten path to our taproom!

The post and beam structures are made of douglas fir and spruce logs harvested directly on the estate from standing dead trees. Our taproom is the physical representation of Brasserie du Perche‘s brand and personality. It gives us the ability to engage our community to become "a place where everybody knows your name!" Our beers are piped directly from our brew tanks to the bar!

The taproom and guinguette are open every weekends and public holidays.

We maintain a permanence from Monday to Friday in the taproom for orders to go:

1) Check the calendar page for private bookings before you come over.

2) When you arrive, if you don't see anyone, ring the doorbell to the left of the taproom door.

3) Choose from our selection of bottled beers (no draft), cases to go, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks (Chips du Perche, saucisson, bread and terrines).

4) Sit on the deck or beer garden if you want to snack and enjoy a bottled beer on the premises.


Dogs on leash accepted · No reservations · First come, first served.

Illustration roue rouge du Moulin de Brotz