La guinguette!

Guinguettes were gathering places in the Parisian suburbs of the 19th century. These outdoor cafes, restaurants and dance halls were once very popular in Paris, on the banks of the Seine river. At Brasserie du Perche, we aim to continue this tradition by recreating this warm atmosphere with the help of culinary partners who share our values: Terroir - Freshness - Quality - Variety.

Our unique troll hut with its twisted wooden structure is equipped with a modern kitchen opened year round. It reveals an inventive and enigmatic design that reminds us of our childhood. We work closely with local restaurateurs, you order your meal from the hut and sit either in the beer garden around one of our firepits or in the taproom.

Hours and reservations

The guinguette is open when the taproom is open

We do not accept reservations, first come first served.

Menu déjeuner ou dîner:

Burger sauce camembert : 12€

Burger végétal : 12€

Rôti de poulet sauce normande : 12€

Fish and chips : 12€

Planche de charcuterie avec fromage : 12€

Tartine de poulet curry : 10€

Croque monsieur : 8€

Frites : 3€

Crêpes sucrées ou chocolat : 3€

Gaufres sucrées ou chocolat : 3€


Barbecue Kit


From Korean barbecue and shabu shabu to hot pots, it's more popular than ever to go to a place where you can find all the ingredients to cook a meal yourself.

Our guinguette offers you an interactive and unique experience. Your group sits around one of our barbecue tables, near a fire pit in a friendly atmosphere to drink, eat and chat.

The kit for two

Two sirloins of 200 grams each, chive cream sauce, homemade terrine, cheese, potato and bread.

Price: 22 € (11 € per person)

1) Order your kit and head to a barbecue table

2) Light your charcoal using a Weber chimney

3) Wait 15 minutes while enjoying a beer

4) Cook your meat and enjoy your meal sitting either outside or in the taproom.


Dogs on leash are welcome