La guinguette!

Guinguettes were gathering places in the Parisian suburbs of the 19th century. These outdoor cafes, restaurants and dance halls were once very popular in Paris, on the banks of the Seine river. At Brasserie du Perche, we aim to continue this tradition by recreating this warm atmosphere with the help of culinary partners who share our values: Terroir - Freshness - Quality - Variety.

Our unique troll hut with its twisted wooden structure is equipped with a modern kitchen opened year round. It reveals an inventive and enigmatic design that reminds us of our childhood. We work closely with local restaurateurs, you order your meal from the hut and sit either in the beer garden around one of our firepits or in the taproom.


1) The troll hut is open on weekends, public holidays and for events listed on the calendar page.

We do not accept reservations, first come first served.

Full menu from Hôtel de France in Tourouvre. Lunch and dinner from the troll's hut.

From 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturday and from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday.


Charcuterie boards: 12€

Parisian salad, eggs, gruyère, ham (quinoa for vegetarians), tomatoes: 12€

Tartine du Perche: White sauce, apples, blood sausage, onions: 12€

Tartine du moulin: Onions, chicken, pepper: 12€

Rib steak with fries: 15€

Hamburger with fries: 15€

Steak haché frites (enfants): 8€

Fries: 3.50€

Crêpes with sugar: 2€, with chocolate: 3€

Italian ice cream: 5€


2) The troll hut is closed on weekdays except for public holidays or events listed on the calendar page.

However, you can sit on the deck or in the beer garden if you wish. consommer snacks et bouteilles sur place.

We maintain a permanence from Monday to Friday during taproom opening hours.


3) Dogs welcomed · No reservation · First come, first served.