A word from the president

Craft is the marriage of science and art! In the beer world, this marriage is a mix of tastes, flavors and experiences that blended together define the essence of what a destination brewery should be.

Some of our customers have to travel significant distances to reach our location, how could we create an emblematic destination worthy of this effort? A balance had to be found between the practical requirements of production and storage and the creation of an infrastructure that could also maximize visitors experience! The objective was to create a new kind of brewery that combined production, bar, great local foods, tourism and events, all in an exceptional setting! Each one of our beers, every site improvement is a reflection of our enthusiasm and our desire to achieve this goal!

We initially chose to start production at St Sylvestre brewery in northern France to launch our product line on the market and establish the brand identity prior to taking the risk of building a production facility without knowing the volume potential.

This allowed us to minimize the initial investment, to bring our brands to market very quickly, to be more innovative, creative and passionate than if we had to invest our energy in a traditional brewery.

St Sylvestre was one of the oldest Eurobrew suppliers, I had the privilege of representing them in the United States for almost 15 years and have an absolute confidence in their know-how and professionalism.

This strategy allowed us to build a state of the art production facility on site, well adjusted to local market demands and at the cutting edge of technology. It is this strategy which today allows us to proudly proclaim:

Brewed in the Perche to be enjoyed in the Perche, you can find them mostly in the Perche!

Dominique Levesque

President and cofounder of Brasserie du Perche