India Pale Ale (IPA beers) as it was known in England were brewed for the Indian market in such a way as to survive the long journey from London to the ports of Bombay and New Delhi. These beers were heavily hopped so they could withstand the long four-month voyage.

The recipe for the English IPA has evolved over the years, mainly due to customs duties, taxes and the two world wars.

In 2003 in the USA, a small brewery in Vermont called "Alchemist", produced a beer called Heady Topper. The goal fot this beer was to produce strong hop flavors and aromas, without the constraints of traditional methods, without filtration and without the heavy bitterness associated with classic I.P.A.s. In addition, a specific yeast strain was chosen to achieve a juicy and fruity taste profile. The success and growth of Heady Topper very quickly inspired other brewers in New England to replicate this technique. A new style of beer was born and, in 2017, the American Brewers Association based in Boulder, Colorado officially recognized this new category. Today, brewers around the world are producing New England-style IPAs (NEIPAs) to meet the demands of the public who is very fond of this tasty and exciting new style.

La Mortegriffe, our New England IPA, is based on dry hopping techniques which gives a lemony taste with light bitter flavors.

The addition of hops after fermentation does not bring any bitterness to the beer and allows to preserve the fruity aromas usually lost during boiling.

The oats used gives an orange juice aspect to this version of the American IPA. La Mortegriffe, brewed with a mixture of Citra and Galaxy Hops, is only available at the brewery and is drawn directly from our tanks to the bar.