The story begins in 1979 when Dominique moves from France to San Diego, California in order to complete his studies.

1982: He accepts the position of New England regional director based in Boston for Fischer Beverage International (FBI), the American subsidiary of the Fischer brewery in Strasbourg.

1990: Dominique takes the helm at FBI, (not the FBI!!

1996: The Fischer brewery is taken over by Heineken. Dominique joins the Heineken USA team in New York and FBI takes over the distribution of all Heineken owned specialty brands in the United States.

2002: Dominique leaves Heineken to start Eurobrew with a business partner. Eurobrew, based first in Santa Monica, then in Boston, imports and distributes beers from around the world through a nationwide network of distributors covering all 50 states.

2002 to 2016: For 14 years, while building up Eurobrew as an important player in the industry, Dominique, witnessed the explosion of microbreweries in the USA and the success of beer tourism.

2014: In the meantime, Christian and Dominique, who both inherited the family estate of Miserai, decided to fix up the watermill and its surroundings. This part of the estate had been abandoned for many years, so they started working on transforming the mill into a “gite rural”.

2016 : Dominique vend Eurobrew à un importateur concurrent et suggère à Christian: “Pourquoi ne pas construire dans l’ancienne grange du moulin une microbrasserie à destination inspirée du modèle Américain!”

2017: After a few months of research and planning, construction work on the brewery begins early that year.

2019: Construction work on the taproom begins.

June 2021: Work is completed

The photos below let you to follow the evolution of the site from 2013, before work started on the gîte until June 2021.

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