Helicopter tours at the brewery

You take off right from the brewery's grounds and fly in a two-seater helicopter while the pilot comments the points of interests. An experience to be shared with family or friends. Tickets are valid for one year and are not nominative, so you can pass them on!

You book tickets directly with Edouard, the pilot. Edouard will schedule an appointment at the brewery on a Saturday or Sunday. Weather of course must be adequate. Edouard will also do his best to stagger flights according to his reservations of the day.
On the day and at the time of your appointment, you come to the brewery where Edouard will be waiting for you.
You start with a briefing on the Dynali H3 helicopter and the flight schedule, and then get into the aircraft for the chosen flight package.

To book a ride, call Edouard at 06 82 58 13 63


Standard flight

10-15 minutes, flight over Château de Miserai, Brasserie du Perche with its ponds and the medieval Château de Gannes 80,00

Group pricing

Group rate per person for a minimum of 4 people is 260 Euros. You cannot order less than 4 flights to benefit from this rate! 15 minute flights. 65,00

Discovery flight

Local flight 20-25 min. Fly over the Montligeon cathedral as well as several castles in the area 100,00

Youth flight

For young people under 18. 10-15 minute flight over the Château de Miserai, Brasserie du Perche and the medieval Château de Gannes 70,00


The take-off and landing area is located near the main road, at the brewery entrance.