Frequently Asked Questions

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Consult the On Premise pour plus de détails et suivez nous sur les réseaux sociaux. Le menu guinguette est diffusé chaque semaine.

Vous ne prenons pas de réservation, 1er arrivé, 1er servi. Nous acceptons des réservations pour les brewery visits et les privatisations.

La nourriture extérieure à la brasserie est interdite.

Vous plaisantez!!! You've got to be kidding!!! ¡¡¡Tienes que estar bromeando!!! Du willst mich doch veräppeln!!! ??????????

Beverages not sold by the brewery are not allowed!

Yes, we have a rotating selection of non-alcoholic drinks in the taproom.

The watermill sleeps 12 in four bedrooms. The entire estate can accommodate 45 people in nineteen bedrooms. Pour renseignements complémentaires concernant l?hébergement, visit this page or call 06 30 71 28 72.

Oui, soumettez votre demande ici. Nous vous répondrons avec disponibilité et options!

20 and 30 liter kegs are available in the taproom. Call us or place the order in our on line store. Draft equipment is provided with the purchase of a keg. A deposit of 500 Euros will be requested.

Sorry, but we do not deliver!

Yes! We sell beer flights four 12cl glasses, the selection varies according to production schedule.

Nous accueillons tous les âges pour profiter du site. Vous devez être âgé d'au moins 18 ans pour consommer de l'alcool. Les comportements chahuteurs ne sont pas autorisés et les parents sont entièrement responsables de la surveillance particulièrement aux abords des plans d?eau.

It's no secret destination breweries and dogs go well together. They are therefore authorized outside as well as in the taproom provided that:

  1. The dog is not aggressive.
  2. The dog is kept on a leash.
  3. The dog is constantly looked after.
  4. The owner is responsible for cleaning up all of his dog's waste.
  5. The dog does not enter the brewhouse.
  6. Du à la présence d'animaux, les chiens doivent être impérativement attachés dans l'enclos de l?étang Fredo.

To preserve the charm of the site, we prohibit parking of vehicles near the brewery. We have two parking lots, the main parking plus an overflow lot. We ask you not to park vehicles (including bicycles) in front of the brewery. People with reduced mobility can be dropped off and picked up in front of the brewery. Bulky purchases can be picked up at the brewery after receiving approval from a brewery employee.

Fishing is allowed with the purchase of a ticket giving you access to fishing ponds and picnic areas. You can visit this page for more details.

Swimming is prohibited because it is not covered by our insurance policy.

Smoking is prohibited in the taproom. Smoking areas are provided outside in the beer garden.

La brasserie bénéficie d'une connexion Starlink, symétrique et ultra rapide. Choisissez l' option Brasserie du Perche dans la taproom et sur le beer garden. Le mot de passe est "couledouce".