The seasonals: Once upon a time in the Perche

We offer our most loyal customers limited release brews available in our taproom only. Be one of the first to try them out, freshly drawn directly from our tanks to your glass! We show release dates and times on social media, on our calendar page and on this page.
Our seasonal beers are for Manu, our master brewer, the opportunity to express his talent and put his knowledge to the test in order to bring unique taste profiles to our customers even if they can be a bit crazy and out of the ordinary. They are the symbol of the dynamism and originality of the brewery, we recommend them for those who are not afraid to seek different and surprising experiences.

Limited special releases

Tourbière Coffee beer special release
Danse Macabre Fruit and spice beer special release
Helvetius Fruit lambic special release
Broceliande Peppermint chocolate stout special release
Malbrun Ginger beer special release
Mortegriffe Wood-aged beer special release
Bourbonnaise Barrel-aged brown ale special release
Tremblay Strong bitter special release
Korrigan Pumpkin beer special release
Champaillaume Spiced milk stout special release
Goulafre Pineapple acide special release
Sainte Gauburge Apripeche special release
Elixir 61 Cherrywood porter special release