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Our seasonal beers are for Manu, our master brewer, the opportunity to express his talent and put his knowledge to the test in order to bring unique taste profiles to our customers even if they can be a bit crazy and out of the ordinary. They are the symbol of the dynamism and originality of the brewery, we recommend them for those who are not afraid to seek different and surprising experiences.

We release these beers regularly, be one of the first to taste them, often drawn directly from our tanks into your glass! We indicate release dates on social media!

Elixir is a new variety of hops developed in Alsace. Elixir is a robust and complex hop that offers unique aromas of cognac, leather and tobacco supported by sweet citrus. The legend of La Bourbonnaise is alive and well and celebrated every year in Margon : Consumed by a perfidious jealousy, the Bourbonnaise will accomplish many misdeeds: love, plots and heroic actions are at the heart of this historical fresco which takes us from the Perche to Jerusalem.

Scheduled for 03/29/2024, the Pastry Sour Mango, a slightly tangy white beer brewed with the addition of Mango puree. Fran├žoise-Marie Jacquelin is not an imaginary person, she was born in Nogent-le-Rotrou in 1621. She left a comfortable life for the New World in March 1640 to become the lioness of Acadia, one of the greatest heroines of Canada.

Chasse Gardee Imperial Double IPA, scheduled for 06/28/2024, double hopped 8% alc strong beer. Imperial IPAs are often known as Double IPAs. They have a much more robust malt and hop profile than traditional IPAs. This results in a higher alcohol content.

This special edition of our Saison! Phrygian caps are emblematic of freedom and deeply rooted in French history.

The Mortagnais feared a witch who lived in a hut under the Saint-Malo church. The inhabitants attributed all the curses affecting the city to her and nicknamed her La Chouettel.Our American Amber Ale hopped is scheduled for release on 09/27/2024. It is a type of American craft beer that is characterized by its amber color and moderate hop flavor and aroma. It is made from pale, crystalline malt, which gives it its amber color, and is generally brewed with American hops, which contribute to its citrus and pine flavors.

The Yo-Ho-Ho Rare Rum Barrel-aged Tripel is currently in the works with the introduction planned for 09/27/2024. The term Tripel refers to the amount of malt used in brewing this beer. In Belgium, brewers add three times more malt than for ordinary beer, which increases the sugar level and the alcohol content. Tripel is therefore a rich and dense beer offering a malty sweetness. Our beer was aged for 10 months in Martinican rum barrels.

La Vachement Percheronne Chocolate Milk Stout prévue pour 15/12/2024. Bière Noire forte 10% alc. Ajout de fèves de cacao baignées dans du whisky. La Chocolate Milk Stout est une Stout contenant du lactose, un sucre dérivé du lait. Le lactose ne peut pas être fermenté par la levure de bière et ajoute de la douceur et du corps à la bière finie.

Possibilities for future Special Release beers:

Tourbière coffee special release
Danse Macabre fruit and spice special release
Helvetius fruit lambic special release
Broceliande peppermint chocolate stout special release
Malbrun ginger beer special release
Diable d’Arville barrel-aged brown ale special release
Tremblay strong bitter special release
Sainte Gauburge apri-peche special release
Korrigan pumpkin special release
Fée Lo spiced milk stout special release
Goulafre acid apple special release
Mère Nique cherrywood porter special release
Morte Vivante spiced milk stout special release
Special Release
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