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  • The brewery is located in the heart of the Perche region of Normandy,
  • an area full of myths and legends
  • that help maintain the charm and mystery of this magical place.
  • Witches, dragons, giants, treasures, this is a wooden rural land very favorable to legends.
  • Near Mortagne
  • Gargantua made a rest stop to clean his boots covered with mud,
  • and that mud formed the Perche spectacular rolling hills.
  • According to the legend, a dragon lived near Nogent
  • and inspired fear in the village, people were afraid of leaving their houses...
  • People from Mortagne were afraid of a witch
  • nicknamed la Chouchoute
  • who lived in a hut near the church....
  • One upon a time in the Perche countryside, lived a witch named «Mortegriffe».
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  • she was burned alive and her rermains were buried in the forest...
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