Construction work on the taproom is moving forward although not on schedule due to the latest confinement!

We believe we have the potential to turn what could be “just a bar” into a place where friends, families, and strangers get to know each other. Our taproom will host birthday parties for adults and kids, anniversary celebrations, and weddings. The young and the old will be welcome; it will be a place where people feel like they are part of something, a place where they are excited to invite their friends, families, and neighbors. It’s one of the many things we love about craft beer, our taproom will be the physical representation of Brasserie du Perche‘s brand and personality. We want our customers to pick us as their favorite brewery based on our taproom just as much as our beers. It will be a family friendly place where we will host events throughout the month with board games, live music and many other activities that help bring people together. Brewing beer and making great food are two distinct skills so we will not attempt to learn how to cook. Food trucks will visit the brewery every weekend and holidays to serve food that pairs well with beer such as tacos, chicken wings, galettes and pizza. Our taproom will not be just a bar; it will be much more! Most importantly, it will give us the ability to engage and improve our community to become "a place where everybody knows your name!"

The grand opening is scheduled for February The taproom will be available for event rentals starting in February. à partir de Février.


Main construction is now behind us. We still need to complete the interior, electricity, plumbing, flooring, etc.

Illustration roue rouge du Moulin de Brotz