Weddings at the chateau


Excalibur car / Helicopter package with 4 flights

In cases when the helicopter must be canceled due to the weather, the Excalibur car can still be available for 90 euros





Baptêmes de l’air en hélicoptère

The groom arrives by helicopter on the Chateau's front lawn where the bride waits for him next to the Excalibur car with chauffeur. They both get into the car and drive around the park to reach the ceremonial platform. The helicopter and Excalibur on the chateau backdrop will give you the perfect setting for very original wedding pictures.

This option includes the presence of the helicopter and pilot at the chateau for two hours, 4 flights of 15 minutes as well as the availability of the excalibur car with chauffeur for 1 hour and in static position for the rest of the afternoon for photos.