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Fredo pond


Booking the Fredo pond for your group includes exclusive use of the site with charcoal barbecue and no kill fishing for the day. Charcoal is not provided but is available in our giftshop.



The Frédo pique -nique area is located in the middle of the animal park between the pond and the trout stream, it has a charcoal barbecue and a large picnic table. It is ideal for groups of 10 to 20 people.


a) Drinks not sold by the brewery are strictly prohibited in all areas.
b) You can either bring your own food or order frem the brewery at "Ah la vache" or "Crêpe Nadette food truck"
c) Vous pouvez soit amener votre propre matériel soit acheter appâts, lignes et gaules dans notre boutique.