The beer:

Pas'D'Bol is an high fermentation IPA (7.5% alc). Well hopped at first, Pas d'Bol stands as an excellent IPA revealing exotic fruit aromas. Its color is slightly amber with a little yeast deposit at the bottom of the glass.

Pas d'Bol is available in 75cl bottles and in 20 liter kegs.

The legend:

Paul Pasd'Bol decides to climb the Rougemont hill to be close to God and ask him why is he so unlucky! On his way, he meets a wolf who has no appetite, a small tree stump who wants to know why she does not grow up and a beautiful but sad woman. At the top of the hill, he finally sees God. God apologizes to Paul and tells him that he forgot to give him luck. The woman must find a husband, a treasure that blocks the roots of the stump must be removed and the wolf must eat someone stupid. On his return, the woman asks Paul to marry her and the tree stump tells him to keep the treasure. However, because he is in a hurry to find his luck, he refuses and the wolf who is aware of Paul's stupidity devours him on the spot and regains his appetite.

Download the legend here here !