Our beers

Coule Douce Saison
Blond beer 5.5 °, dry, very little residual sugar. It is our flagship product.

Coule Douce IPA ( Indian Pale Ale)

India Pale Ale, abbreviated as IPA, is a high fermentation style of beer of English origin. IPA's were invented in the XVIII century to supply British colonial troops in India. As beers did not cope well with the voyage, IPA's, were preserved thanks to the addition of sugar and hops. Hopped blonde 6 °, slightly bitter and fruity beer.

Coule Douce American Wheat Ale
Blanche Houblonnée 4.5 °, wheat beer with lemon notes, very refreshing.

Coule Douce Stout

Dark beer Beer brewed from a wort characterized by its high content of roasted beans. The presence of the roasted beans gives the beer a dark color as well as a coffee taste.


La légende

Le chant des Batraciens 
In the Brotz pond, Coule Douce suffered contempt and rejection and was blamed for the time spent fishing with the dog Riton. Frogs don't like dreamers and prefer hard workers, yet when faced with the pike's appetite, it is the artist who will be the savior!

Download the legend here here !