The Paris to Mont Saint-Michel GR 22 hiking Trail,

Verneuil-sur-Avre (Eure) to La Perriere (Orne) section goes right through Brasserie du Perche!

Click on "View larger map" icon on top right and search for "Brasserie du Perche" to find us on the trail.

Come over on foot, mountain bike, dirt bike, street bike, 4x4, horseback, horse carriage or military convoy! One customer showed up in his helicopter!

GR 22 trail instructions:

We have attachment points for horses right next to the brewery for easy monitoring, please clean up after your horse, we do have shovels at your disposal!

Dirt bikes: Please slow down when you arrive at the brewery and park in the main parking lot!

Bikes: Park your bicycles on the bike racks near the brewery.