Coule Douce Saison:

A special beer designed to celebrate great occasions! Unfiltered, you pour a hazy, orange liquid in the glass which releases an aroma filled with an abundance of fresh citrus, guava and mango. Typical of the Brasserie du Perche beers, Coule Douce is sweet and mellow, everything you expect from a Saison!


Coule Douce IPA:

Packed with carefully selected hops, Coule Douce IPA is a bright, juicy beer filled with mango flavors and aromas, peach, passion fruit and a blend of citrus juices. A soft mouthfeel and rounded bitterness which never tires the palate. Loaded with immense flavors resulting from the use of hand selected hops, Coule Douce is a delicious IPA that you will be happy to enjoy every day.

Illustration roue rouge du Moulin de Brotz