The production facility is installed in the barn at the mill where wheat and barley flour used to be stored many years ago. The 1810 document below shows the mill's daily flour production was four hundredweight per day or about 400 kg.

Today, the mill does not produce flour anymore, however, more than 200 years later, barley is still a commodity essential to the success of the mill's operations.

We have a production capacity of 8hl per batch or about 1200 hl per year (160,000, 75cl bottles ) when brewing three times a week.

Our equipment consists of:

- An 800L two vessel brewhouse

- Steam boiler

- Six conical 800L jacketed fermenters allowing for six different recipes to ferment simultaneously

- Two bright tanks

- Ten 100L oak barrels to age certain beer styles. The aging process in old spirit barrels allow beers to develop new aromas and gain complexity

- A kegging machine

- A bottling and labeling machine

- A glycol chilling system